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Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy 8th!

Happy Eighth, Honey! Phillip and I went on our first date eight years ago today. For our date Phillip took me to El Vacerio in Stillwater and then onto a church dance in Norman. It began a whirlwind week followed by our marriage five months later. We just clicked. Our relationship began so easily and naturally and has continued so. We truly love spending time with eachother and would choose to spend most of our time together.
We were talking over dinner about our "anniversary" and thinking back, little did we know what that date would begin. We had no idea that eight years later we would have three beautiful children and have traveled the road we have taken. I wouldn't have traded the ups and downs for anything. I am excited for the next eight years and the many, many years to follow. I love you, Phillip and am forever grateful to be your wife.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Little Reader

I just had to post this... Cooper is reading to his little brother for the first time. I was even smart enough to capture it on the camera! Yay!! I am so pround of my little guy. Cooper has become quite the little reader lately. We will be driving along and he will read signs and tell us what they say. He is doing just great. I was so excited to see him reading to Greyson that I nearly burst. I guess I have fond memories of being read to and then in turn reading to my little brothers and sisters. It was a pretty neat thing for a mom to see.

The Sound of Music

Well, we are actually owners of our very own piano. No, I am not that accomplished as a pianist and neither is Phillip, but we have high hopes for our children...who doesn't though. :) The piano fell into our laps and we were fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase it. We came by it because a family in the first ward was downsizing and decided that the piano was one of the things that had to go. Phillip, my dad, brother, and brother-in-law moved the piano, and I had the pleasure of figuring out where it belonged in my home. I invited my mother over and we got to rearranging. (I am not sure what I am going to do w/o her when I move...plane ticket, anyone?) The end result makes me smile inside. I love it. I remembered that I had some things that I had purchased at Affair of the Heart (my favorite craft show). My mother and I decorated using those things and others that I purchased at the most recent Affair of the Heart. I ended up decorating more things than the piano..."when you give a mouse a cookie", type thing. But, like I said, I love it. Here are some pictures to show you the end result.

The last few pictures are to show those who have been to my home where I moved things around to. I wanted to show my sis the picture of the plaque...I bought it at Affair of the Heart and it is hanging above the door going into the laundry room.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

I totally stole this idea off of Whit's blog. I thought it'd be fabulous to do for my Valentine's Day post. I know, I know very belated, but I think it is wonderful to have a day you express to others that you love and appreciate them in your life. I hope that you all had a great Valentine's Day and for all of those that I love and I didn't see, I am sending you my love.

What is your husbands name? Phillip
How long have you been together? We've been married for 7 and a half years
How long did you date? 5 mos.--when it's right, it's right
Who eats more? Phillip, but I can hold my own ;)
Who said I love you first? Phillip, but I followed a tiny bit later
Who is taller? Phillip. I'm 5'3 and he's 5'9
Who has more speeding tickets? Phillip, I usually get off, but I haven't gotten pulled over in a long time and really Phillip has only had a few. Funny, Phillip's a driver's ed teacher on the side and actually we really wouldn't know right know if we were going to get a speeding ticket 'cause our spedometer is on the fritz...we gotta get that fixed.
Who is more sensitive? Actually, I could say it's a toss-up. Phillip and I are both pretty sensitive about some same and some different things.
When there is a fight, who usually wins? Ohh, I guess probably me. I have a strong stance that I'm always right ;). Phillip will put his foot down on somethings, though.
Who does the laundry? Both. Sometimes I start it, sometimes Phillip does, I usually keep it going, Phillip usually folds and I usually put away.
Who does the dishes? Usually me, but Phillip is great on trying to get them cleared up in the morning before I wake up.
Who sleeps on the right? Me (if you're looking up from the foot of the bed)
Who pays the bills? Definetly Phillip, I tried at the beginning and still would help out, but Phillip has a system
Who mows the lawn? Phillip, but I've wheeled the riding lawn mower around :)
Who cooks dinner? Too many cooks in the kitchen isn't applicable in my kitchen. We love Joseppi's cooks, Texas Road House cook's... j/k. We both cook, it just depends. I can cook easy enough if Phillip can help with an idea. I hate coming up with an idea.
Who drives when you are together? Phillip, but I'm a darn good back seat driver :)
Who is more stubborn? Me. Hands down. However, like I said, when Phillip really wants something he usually gets his way.
Who kissed whom first? Phillip kissed me. You were cold right, Honey???
Who asked out who first? Phillip asked me out. Later I asked Phillip how he found out my phone# and he said that he looked "beautiful" up in the phone book. A cheesy line that I still love to think about...
Who proposed? Phillip
Who has more siblings? I do. I have 2 brothers and 2 sister and Phillip has 2 brothers and 1 sister.


There is actually a good reason for my long absence...my family and I have all been sickies. There has been the creepin' crud going around well, pretty much everywhere. I overheard one lady at the doctor's said that a school class of 30 something was down to 15 or 18...I don't remember exactly, but it was low. I guess we're just passing whatever it is all around. Everyone in my family is antibiotics, except for Phillip. That is pretty much how it works in our family, though.
Well, the very sick weekend started on Valentine's Day. I was feeling pretty crummy and Ella had been coming down with a cough for the last couple of days. As the day progressed I kept getting worse and by the evening I was really feelling it. Phillip and I exchanged gifts for V Day and then we all ate a heart-shaped pizza and we put the boys to bed. I was getting pretty sick feeling all achy and especially the right side of my body was hurting. I also had a horrific headache, which may I add, all of this is riding on the tails of the flu and a pretty icky cold that I had a couple weeks ago and the cold has been hanging around. Mine and Ella's health went downhill from there while Phillip and I tried to watch "No Reservations" (cute, by the way). Then the movie was followed by one of the very worst night sleep and it just got worse. I spent the next day very sick in bed worried that both Ella and I had pnmonia and the flu. Phillip invited my dad over to give us a blessing to help our bodies feel better, he also offered some advice how to couple my motrin and tylanol to kick my headache (it did help that evening) then he took the boys back to my parent's home because they were pretty stir-crazy. When they got back, my dad sat down with Phillip and myself (I was looking pretty horrific, may I add) and extended a call to me. This setting would only happen when your dad is in the Stake Pres. :) I guess the Stillwater Stake was reorganizing the Stake Primary Presidency and I was asked to be the 2nd counsler. Yikes!! I couldn't even believe it. Stake callings mean you train the leaders. I still can't believe it. I accepted the call and was sustained this past Sunday at Stake Conference.
Anyway, Ella and my condition deteriated that next day, so Phillip took us to the doctors. Long story, short...Ella has an infection (her white blood cell count was up). The doctor thought that it might be the start of pnmonia and so she was perscribed the ZPack and she was given a shot of antibiotics, as well. I was diagnosed with Bronchitis and a sinis infection. I really don't think that I have been that sick before...or as long as I can remember. The infection was giving me fevers and chills, nausia and vomiting and big time headaches and body aches. My lungs also felt like I had been running really hard and were burning when I would breathe. Well, we took our medicine and then Sunday things were really looking up. We didn't venture to Stake Conference, so I found out from family who I am serving with. I will be set apart this Wed. We are still trying to recover, so far so good. It's amazing how good you feel when you've been so sick. I'll be mighty happy when the cold and flu season are over. Phillip will too, I am sure, who has been Mommy, Daddy, nurse and pretty much Superman.

Monday, February 4, 2008

"Throwed Rolls", Blue Rabbits and "Beads Please!"

So, I just returned from one of the funnest trips I have ever taken. I was able to go down to the deep-South (Mobile, AL) and visit my sweet sis, Lib, and her cutie, little boys. I went down with a crew...Greyson and Ella, my mom and my other sister, Whitney and her two chillin', Ezra and Georgia. We had so much fun, but the children were sometimes a handful. I must admit, though, it could've been much worse. We put the children through the wringer...i.e. we did some great shopping. :) Lib actually lives in a great place, she lives a little out of downtown Mobile, so you don't feel like it is big-city, and yet she has access to a lot of shopping. About an hour away is a Tanger Outlet (fabulous!). I hit the sales right-on. I bought some fantastic things for my kids, especially Cooper, for next year and this coming Summer. I am way excited. There is also a second-hand store that is a must visit...who can turn down clothes for pennies?!!
Liberty also has a great backyard. It is fenced-in with a covered patio. We bundled up the kids in jackets and their hats and they were off to the great outdoors. It was wonderful. They played all sorts of things. Some of their favorites were "Bob the Builder" (they take odd pieces of lumber and "build" with them and use play hammers, etc. and bang w/them...a young boy's heaven), they also would dig at some sand w/ sand toys and plastic spoons. They would come in with dirty knees, but very satisfied.
Josiah and Greyson having "cousin time" on the couch.
Jos holding a "squiggily" Ella. :)
Ezra and Gavin wanted to be by Ella...so cute!
Georgia loves to climb up onto the swing and give her cousin, Ella, "loves".
A high point of the trip, for me, was all the talking. It was wonderful!! We would put the kids to bed, and start just talking. We talked about current events and just caught-up with eachother. It will be some of my favorite memories. I learned that my sister is a left wing liberal (j/k!! ;) and just fun odds and ends that come from discussing. It was great.
Cutie little Georgia hanging out with the "girls".
We were able to go to Lambert's home of the "throwed" rolls. If any of you ever get a chance to go...go! It is so much fun. It is down-home cookin' and you get the opportunity to actually catch(!) your rolls...which are quite fabulous. I took a pictures of my nephew, Ezra, taking a bite of his roll which was nearly the size of his 2 yr. old head. We then headed outside and they were able to play with the wooden train that was build right outside of the restaurant for kids to play on. It was a beautiful day and perfect for exploring on a train.Gavin and Greyson playing on the train with their Lambert balloons.

(above) Jos, Grey and Lib having fun on the Lambert train.
We were also there to celebrate Whitney's birthday. Happy birthday, Whit! It was very fun to be together to celebrate and to shop for her birthday. She is such a skinny, little thing it is very fun to dress her. :)
Another one of my favorite things that we did was go to a Mardi Gras parade. Can I say...FUN?!! I have never been, and so I was excited that Mardi Gras was being celebrated while we were down there. People will actually camp-out in downtown Mobile in campers for Mardi Gras. We went to Daphne, which is a town on the other side of the Bay. We were hoping to avoid some crowds, which we did, so it was great. It wasn't too cold and so we all could have fun. If you have never been to a Mardi Gras parade (we went to a family-friendly one) you wave your hands at the people in the parade and yell "Beads!!"...or in my nephew's case "Beads, please! Beads, please!". The masked people will throw beads, stuffed animals, candy, Moon Pies and of course, BEADS!! It was so much fun. You have to be careful, though. They toss beads in your direction and they can land anywhere. So, you needed to watch out for your head. :) There were fantastic floats and great Cajun music. The people will also decorate their homes and buisnesses for Mardi Gras. It was very fun and festive. It would be an annual favorite for me if I lived down there. Phillip is jealous and wants to go down next year...you don't have to twist my arm. :)
Greyson all bundled-up for the Mardi Gras parade.
Mommy and Ella all cozy waiting for the parade to start.
All the kids lined up waiting...and waiting for the parade. It was worth the wait!
Beads, please!
I can't forget to mention one of the highlights for Greyson...Blue Rabbit Paradise. It is similar to Chucky Cheeses, but w/o all the games and grime. :) All the cousins climbed and crawled up onto a huge castle. It was a lot of fun for them. They also serve up pizza, which was interesting. Our little cook dumped the pizza on the table and served us less-than-perfect pineapple. We were understanding, but did get a fresh pizza. Again, it was great to just be together and talk while the kids were playing. I am planning on going back to the Blue Rabbit with Cooper when we visit during Spring Break (yay!)!
Thank you, Lib for the wonderful time. It was one of my very favorite trips. I loved being together with all my sisters and mom. It was fabulous and cozy....it will be something I will always treasure.

My boys are wearing housecoats that I got a super-duper deal at Children's Place outlet.