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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Food for thought...

Tonight while hanging curtains in my sons' room, I was standing on their bed and it fell through the floor vent. Me thinks that maybe Weight Watchers should be on speed-dial...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Home Sweet...Indiana??

I was looking at my blog background considering if I should change it. I took a glance outside at the dripping slush on my porch and was undecided if I should change it to a spring themed one, or not. The jury is still out considering the weather here in Indiana. That's right people. Indiana. Home Sweet Home. I am sure that my huge blog hiatus didn't go totally unnoticed. While the absence our world was turned on it's head. Up on our head, or not, we have truly realized that the Lord is aware of us and has provided. Being in Indiana is a blessing beyond compare. We are so lucky to be employed without skipping a beat. Anyway, we have traded our cowboy boots and hats of our beloved Amarillo, Texas for woolly mittens and fuzzy hats of Valparaiso, Indiana. We'll also be chanting "Go Crusaders" a whole lot more. We have settled into a bit of a routine and I'm slooooowwwly figuring out the odd placement (imo) of streets here. I've made it to the church house by myself a couple of time (huge victory here) and we've made the YMCA into a well visited place by our family. I'm enjoying the babysitting while I get to work out...without kids....Coop's getting the hang of Tae Kwon Do, Greyson's loving wrestling and swimming and Ella has become our little fish during her swimming lessons. We are loving our ward and Phillip's starting to scratch his head at being alone for the third Friday in a row. Sorry, Honey! I gotta fit in my book club, crafting night and GNO. He's okay with it as long as he gets me Sat. I don't have a complaint there. :) We enjoy serving in the ward and both have new callings that seem to be stretching and rewarding. The kids are getting used to their routine at school. it has been a bit of an adjustment, especially for Cooper. They are ahead in some areas and perhaps a bit behind in some. Overall, they are ahead, though. Cooper is a quick study and has picked up the information, but it has taken some adjusting. We are excited the the schools are so good here, though. The particular school the boys are going to has been awarded a blue ribbon for education. So, that is pretty pleasing to us. Overall, we are settling into place but miss our dear friends in Amarillo and the close distance to our families. We are gearing up for new adventures in Indiana and are excited to cherish this place as much as we did our last home. Here is a little pic of the kiddos the day that we moved from Amarillo. Sorry there isn't more...my picture taking has suffered a bit lately. Thanks to all that have sent notes wondering how we are doing and all the help that has been given. Love to you all!!