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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Reason for the Snuffy Sniffles

As you might remember, Cooper had a severe allergic reaction in March. We went to our ped. and got a referral for both of our boys to go to the Asthma and Allergic Clinic in OKC. Well, after the long month wait, our appointments finally arrived. Early on Monday we trekked to the City and my boys were tested for allergies and to see if their asthma was in check. My eyes were truly opened to see what they are allergic to. I really thought that we would walk out of there with little or no allergies...boy was I wrong.
First, our doctor talked to us about the boys' histories and Cooper went and took a breathing test. They had him blow in a tube with a mouth piece hooked up to a computer and blow out candles on the screen. Then they gave him a breathing treatment and waited ten mins. to see if his lung capacity improved. While we were waiting Greyson was able to get his scratch test done. If you are unfamiliar with the whole process, they take their arm and write numbers and letters on their arm (to tell them what the allergen is) and then next to the symbols they "scratch" or prick their arm...not even prick, but dot their arm with a point that has a allergen on it. They wait for about fifteen mins. to see if there is a reaction. If there is, you will see what appears to be a welt or hive, if not, there is no reaction and they are not allergic. Poor little Grey's arm popped up with quite a few hives. He wanted to scratch, but you can't, it would spread the allergen. So, you had to blow on it. About this time Cooper and I walked in after his breathing test. Not wonderful timing. Cooper's eyes got as big as saucers 'cause he knew it was his turn next. Poor Cooper has had a couple bad experiences with needles and now it's a mind game with him. After the the skin test is given the child gets to go to a closet and pick out a prize, and Grey did. He chose a shiny, new sand pail and shovel. We showed this to Cooper and there was a pretty strong lure of the new prize, but as soon as the nurse walked in with the test the tide definitely changed. Cooper has thrown a GIANT fit over a shot before and this was quite the repeat performance. Long story short, Phillip and I ended up pinning him down and the nurse quickly administered the test. My poor boy ended up singing, "just say ow, say it now, just say ow and it's over". It's a song off of "Bear and the Big Blue House". He did admit that the test didn't even hurt, though. What did hurt and cause discomfort was the allergens. When the test came back it showed that Cooper and Greyson are allergic to nearly all environmental allergens. Yep, grass, tree pollen, mold, dust, weeds, cat, dog and horse. So, in the next year or two Cooper will need to get an allergy shot and they are currently on Zantac, Nasonex and need to clean out their sinuses everyday. We went and got the boys Hypo-Allergenic pillows, because we were told we spend nearly 1/3 of our lives in our beds, zippered pillow cases and are bathing the boys every night. If you bath at night, you wash out the pollen and allergens that are on your skin and in your hair. I am very grateful though, that their allergens are environmental and not food.
As far as the asthma goes, I am pretty much in top of it. The only suggestion that was given, was that I might need to give the boys Albutural fifteen minutes before they exercise. We also asked about Ella. She has been diagnosed with asthma as well, and allergies and asthma usually go hand-in-hand. We were told that we could come back with her maybe in a year, but no rush. So, we'll just wait and see for our little princess.
One last thing...I have to give MAJOR props to the Asthma and Allergy Clinic. They were so wonderful and kid friendly. Our doctor was so very, very sweet and warm. She was very patient with my children and kept telling me I had wonderful precious children...even when they weren't acting that way. I am thoroughly pleased and grateful with our experience there.
Life is good, a little changed, but good. I am grateful that we were able to go to the clinic and get them tested. I had an incling that they had allergies, but really no idea. So, I am glad that I am able to give relief to my little men. We will go back in about three months, so...I'll keep you posted.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tender Mercies

My sweet sis posted about thing she loves and I have wanted to do it too. So, here goes.

I love...

When my laundry is all done and put away.
When my kids are in bed and it is quiet time for me and Phillip.
Watching my kids play nicely.
My favorite song coming on the radio.
Green buds on the trees.
Getting a card or letter in the mail from a loved one.
Having my kids tell me they love me w/o me telling them first.
Having my boys say "okay, Mom" when I ask them to do something.
Holding my children for the first time.
Watching my children sleep. They look beautiful.
A freshly vacuumed floor.
My sisters visiting.
Coming off the airplane and being greeted by my loved ones.
Sitting down to make cards.
Sleeping in.
My boys telling me "that's your song, Mom!".
My husband telling me I am the most beautiful woman to him.
Fridays, I love the anticipation of the weekend.
Listening to my boys sing.
The way a baby smells.
Necklaces my boys make me.
Being sealed forever to my family.
When my children smile and laugh.
Hearing Cooper read.
Watcing Greyson maticulously put things away.
Watching Ella discover things for the first time.
Shopping-especially with my mom and sisters.
Holding hands.
Hearing Phillip's voice.
Taking my kids to the pool.
Feeling my babies kick for the first time.
Going to the beach.
Laughing until my sides hurt.
Phone calls from loved ones.
The crinkle at the edge of Phillip's eyes.
Me and my family all dressed up for church.
Watching my boys in the Primary Program.
Christmas and traditions.
Wet slobbery kisses from my kids and my nieces and nephew

This is just a few, there are so many more. I am grateful for the many tender mercies my Heavenly Father has bestowed upon me.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Names, Names, Names!

After a fantastically fabulously fun week in Alabama helping my sweet sis celebrate her birhtday I'm back home and finally posting. I thought that I would start back into the swing of things with a couple of tags.

A friend of mine posted this on her blog and I thought it was hilarious, so I wanted to do it. So here goes.

My rock star name (first pet and current car):
Tanna Trailblazer
My gangsta name (favorite candy bar and favorite cookie):
Twix Peanut Butter
My detective name (favorite color and favorite animal):
Pink Dog
My Star Wars name (first three letters of last name and first two letters of first name then the word "of" then a medication you are on):
My superhero name (2nd favorite color and favorite drink with "The" in front):
The Green Daiquiri
My Nascar name (first names of your grandfathers):
Monte Gilbert
My "lover" name (name of your favorite perfume/cologne and your favorite candy):
Romance Peachies
Witness-protection name (mother's and father's middle names):
Jo Reed

Another friend of mine posted a tag that I thought was really fun. I am not sure if I'm the "Stephanie" she was referring to, but I thought I would do it anyway because it was neat. :) It is a name tag where you explain why you named your kids the way you did.

Cooper Davis Humphrey

Naming my children is one of the neatest and most fun things that I have ever done. I poured over names while I was pregnant, and as with all my other children, the names that I have chosen almost literally jump off the page at me and scream "this is it!!". Cooper's name was one of those names. When I saw his name it struck me quite hard because his name is my grandmother's maiden name. Evidentally, from stories my parents have shared, I had a strong relationship with my grandmother's mother before I came to earth. So, the name Cooper had a strong tie to my grandmother and her mother. Not wanting to decide so quickly, we kept the name of Corbin in the back of our mind as well. But, ultimately we had to go with the name "Cooper". His middle name is a mix between my great-great grandfather's last name and a last name on Phillip's side if the family.

Greyson Reed Humphrey

I love, love, love the name Greyson. When I saw it I just knew I had to use the name. I couldn't quite decide whether or not to spell is with an "e" or and "a". We finally decided on the "e" because I felt it looked more masculine. I just liked the way it looked. I also liked the nick-name "Grey". So, it was a perfect fit for out second son. His middle name carries much signaficance for me as well, as this is my father's middle name. My dad has always taught his children that there is a lot in a name. When my last name was Holyoak he taught me that wherever I went, so did my last name and whatever I did my name was attached to that action. So, when we decided on Reed it was to honor my father and to help carry on his tradition with his middle name.

Ella Grace Humphrey

We were sooo excited to be blessed with our daughter. Not only was she our first girl, but more importantly we waited for her. She has been a joy to us since we first learned we were pregnant. We decided on her name quite quickly, as well. Ella is just a beautiful name and my boys loved it. I mentioned a different name later in my pregnancy and they wouldn't hear it. Cooper and Greyson would even play pretend with their babies and they would be named "Ella" and "Georgia" (my niece's name). We all fell in love with the name. Ella's middle name, Grace, is a beautiful name, as well. I just love it. It also carries family significance because it is Phillip's grandmother's name. She was a beautiful woman both inside and out and I was happy to be able to let my daughter carry on her legacy. She passed before I met Phillip, but I am excited for the time that I will be able to greet the woman that shares a name with my daughter.

I would love to laugh-out-loud with your funny names and learn why you named your babies the names you did. So, tag!! You're it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I thought that I would post about my little Grey. Often I lump Cooper and Greyson together. Because I do that, Greyson has been able to experience a lot of things earlier than Coop did. Sooo, hence the title of this post...I decided to write about Greyson's recent firsts.
I enrolled both of my boys in soccer through the YMCA and Greyson was able to play his first game on Tuesday. He was so scared. He loves to play and kick the ball at home, but around a bunch of rowdy and loud kids he just doesn't feel comfortable breaking his way into the group and taking control of the ball. I was a little surprised at this reaction at the game, but really I shouldn't have been. Greyson is a crazy boy at home, but just like his older brother, is quite uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations. He was uncertian about what exactly he should do (even though we took him to practice) and when he figured it out...sort of...he just didn't want to get into the game. He was well supported. Me, my mom, my brother, Phillip, and Cooper were all in attendance cheering him on, but he just decided watching was best. I have been encouraging him off and on since the game, reminding him that soccer is fun, and he would have fun "going and getting that ball". We'll see how the next game goes on Saturday. That said, we let him know that we are proud of him for trying new things even though he was scared.

Phillip helping Greyson feel comfortable before the game during the kids' warm-up/practice.

Grey during the game.

Another first that Greyson experienced was going to the dentist. Again, an unfamiliar situation and again the same reaction. Cooper went before him and was a total superstar. He even got x-rays done and he did just great. I was very grateful for Cooper's reaction because he often sets the tone for Greyson's. So, when it was Greyson's turn to get into the dentist's chair he was nervous, but he did it and he got a blue (his fav color) toothbrush to boot! All-in-all I was quite proud of both of my boys.
Last, but not least, we enrolled Greyson in Pre-K today. Another first for my little guy. He has been attending preschool a couple days a week for a couple hours...but this is public school...five days a week...we're in the big leagues!! He is super excited as he believes that he should be as old, if not older than Cooper, and he is constatly reminding me (and Cooper) that. So, if Cooper is going to school then naturally Greyson believes that he should too. It was a little difficult for Grey to comprehend what "enrolling" was, though. I told him what we were doing and he believed that Pre-K was today. I let him know that we were just signing papers for him to go and he would attend when Summer was over, I think he finally got, but we'll see. Sometimes, especially when we are driving in the car, he will start talking about something that I thought we cleared up, and I will have to re-explain said topic...again. :)
Good job, Little Man, Momma is proud of you. Keep on growing and learning and of course I love you.