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Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Harvest Time!

We've been all excited around here to decorate for Fall and Halloween...or should I say my boys have been super excited to decorate. It has been fun to see their excitement. On the first day of October Cooper ran into my room yelling "it's the first day of October!". He was so excited like it was Christmas Eve. It was so cute. We went to the Grider Farm Pumpkin Patch in Perkins for FHE the other week and they had a blast. We were able to pick our own pumpkins out (the pickins' were so much better than last year). After we got home they insisted that we decorate right then. They put the pumkins and such into Greyson's Gator and drove them around. I decided to take a picture because their excitement was contagious. I'll have to take a picture as soon as everything is put up. I still need to get some Mums, but when I ran to Lowe's there wasn't a great selection. So, when I get want I need I'll post the pictures. I am sure the boys will be beside themselves to take a picture with all of their hard work. :) So to everyone, my boys and I are sennding you a very Happy Harvest! The boys zoomin' around on the Gator delivering pumpkins around the yard.