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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome, Scarlett!

This post is quite tardy, but I have been wanting to write it anyway.
Sweet Scarlett Caroline made her introduction into this world on October 28th. She is my sister, Whitney and Spencer's, third baby. She is absolutely beautiful! We are all oohing and ahhing over her dark, dark hair. Between my sisters and my own kids we have 5 redheads (I know! crazy, huh!) out of 9. So, seeing a beautiful dark haired baby has been such a treat. From my point of view (you may need to talk to Whitney to get a view from the trenches) she is a good baby--a little spitty (she may have Reflux...something that is not new to us), but overall so sweet. It has been such a treat to have a newborn baby to smell and cuddle. We are so blessed to be able to have her in our family. My boys and Ella are beside themselves with excitement. They love to be able to hold her and love on her. Ella gets in such a tissy when Scarlett's around because she wants to pat her and get near her. Cooper and Greyson love to sit and hold her. It has been fun for me to see the growth in Greyson, because he will sit and hold Scarlett for much, much longer than he would just a year ago with Ella. They really love her so much and thank Heavenly Father in their prayers for sending Scarlett to our extended family.
I have posted some pictures of sweet Scarlett. They are from the first few days. Her features have become much more refined, but I just had to share the pictures I had. I am sure I will have more pictures later. Enjoy!

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Happy Halloween

There are some uber-Halloween talented mommies out there (I know who you are!)...I do not fall into that category. I truly enjoy crafting...a lot (especially when there are no kids underfoot). But, Halloween costumes just do not fall into something I get all a-buzz about. This year though, was a small exception. I always enjoy seeing my kids all done up, I just don't really relish in getting to that point. I did have my sister here and was able to dress up my daughter for the first time. So, put those two things together and I got a bit crafty for Halloween. I was very pleased with the outcome...if I do say so myself. ;)
Whitney and I decided that we would dress up our daughters as fairy princesses...mmmmm, very fun. We luuuuv the really full tu-tus and decided that we would whip a couple out. It actually ended up to be quite an easy project after we figured it all out. Whitney's inspiration came from the Gymboree fairy costume and I just liked the colors I chose for Ella (she already had a black turtleneck and leggings). One thing led to another and I also ended up making a flower wreath for their heads...also easy once I figured out how to do it.
Greyson had picked out his costume forever ago at Old Navy. He loved the red dragon. I said, "okay Grey, Halloween isn't for a little while. You can't change your mind if we buy this". He said, no way! He loved it....and he did until he decided he hated the feet. They were big and poufy. Not nearly cool enough for him. We all tried to convince him that they were okay...but he was not going to be convinced. I talked to my mom about this predicament and she suggested that Cooper dresses up as a knight, Greyson the fire-breathing dragon and Ella as the fairy princess. The boys loved the idea that they were like a fairytale. That said, Greyson decided that the dragon costume was going to okay. We thought everything was okay until the night of the Trunk-or-Treat and he decided that the dragon's belly was too fat. I couldn't believe this!! What four year old has a complex on how fat his dragon belly is?!! I explained he wasn't fat--just round and Cooper explained that on Jane and Dragon (Qubo on Saturday mornings) Dragon's belly was round. Greyson decided that he could live with his poufy belly, and they all had a great time at the Trunk-or-Treat.
On Hallowen night we met up with my parents, Whit and her kiddos (Whitney's a super-hero in my book because she actually went Trick-or-Treating after having her baby 4 days earlier...we all had a lot invested in those costumes ;) and my family went around a nice neighborhood in Stillwater. Ella was just a calm as can be (she was so tired) and the boys had a lot of fun. Cooper and Greyson did think that things would have been much easier if they had rode their Gator around town. I was a bit flabbergasted at the idea. The way I see it, they are begging people for candy, they can put a little effort into the deal. After going around the neighborhood we wrapped up the night by visiting the Applegate's, which has become a family tradition. It's always fun for my boys to see Jos' Grammy and Poppa, even if Jos and Gavin aren't here.
Overall, it was fun for me to see my little fairy tale in the making...and we had a great Halloween too.

Cooper looking very "knightly".My fire-breathing Grey-Grey.
Fairy princess Ella.
My fairytale.
Mmm, aren't they cute?!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ella Turns One

Ahhhh, I have computer back. I am so sorry for the noticeable lack of posts. Life has been pretty hectic and my son (I won't name names...'cause lets just say it was probably a combined effort of the two of them) broke the power cord...no power--no computer. So, my computer use was at a minimum to say the least. Lots has been happening this month, namely the birthday of my sweet daughter. Yep, that's right Ella turned one this past Wednesday. Can you believe it?Neither can I.
It was was quite the busy day for us. We went and visited my sister down in the City at the hospital with her sweet new baby, Scarlett. I went with my mom, Whitney's two kids, Greyson and Ella. Let's just say there was a lot of kids versus adults. We got through it and had a wonderful visit seeing little Scarlett for the first time. We got back in time to get Cooper from school and run a few errands. We picked up pizza for dinner (Ella l.o.v.e.d. the pizza...a girl after my own heart;) and had family over to help celebrate. We are so blessed to be close to family here in Stillwater. My parents were able to come, Whit's kiddos (Ezra and Georgia), my little brother Mack and my mother-in-law. It was so much fun to see the love and support for my sweet Ella. We ate dinner and then Ella opened her presents. My daughter has the oddest obsession with putting everrrythiiinnnggg in her mouth. I know, I know lots of babies put things in their mouth. No. Ella will put anything and everything in her mouth. I have had two other babies and have been around plenty of others and understand that she puts more in her mouth than the norm. Ella's chocking hazard of choice is usually paper-if she can get her hands on it. So, the unwrapping of presents presented a wonderful opportunity for plenty of paper eating. She loved tearing the paper and trying to eat it. Phillip and I quickly cleaned up the wrapping as soon as she was done (every small piece). She also has an uncanny way of finding near invisible things off of the floor and eating them. I was able to indulge a bit of my girly side and get Ella a Cabbage Patch Kid (squeal). I was so excited. I found a CPK Preemie at the store and was so excited. Ella is too small for the regular sized ones and when I saw the preemie I was so happy because it's just her size. Yep, I found that they still smell like baby powder, mmmmm, I transported my right back to 1986. Ella also received some very fun Touch and Feel books from my sister and parents. Ella absolutely loves books and the Touch and Feel books are her favorite. She also got some squeaky shoes. I am very excited about them because I think they are so darn cute. I also did make sure when I got them that you can remove the squeakers when I find that the squeaking just isn't that cute anymore. :) Ella also received a beautiful handmade quilt from her Grandma Humphrey. It is absolutely beautiful. Ella loves to sit on it and look at all the bright colors. My mom-in-law put on the cutest buttons on the flowers that Ella (and the boys ;) love to look at. It is something that Ella will always cherish.
We then moved onto birthday cake. As a tradition we always let the one year old "dig" right into the cake. And boy did Ella ever do that. She loved it! My boys were going bonkers because she was destroying the much cherished frosting. She had a great time and devoured it right up. It was a great day and I am so blessed to have Ella in our family. We waited much longer for her then we had expected. There is not hardly a day that I don't remember the ache that I had in my heart for my sweet daughter and then I look at her and see her in my arms and realize what a blessing she is. She is such a ray of sunshine in my family's life. Our family wouldn't be the same without my little strawberry blond sweetie. I love you Ella, more than you will ever know.
Ella is back in a hospital room a year later (I love this cheesy smile she has. She will crinkle up her nose and to me, it is very cute)
Ella's getting the hang of rippin' the paperMmmmm, lovin' the taste of paper
Cheese, Dad!!
Oooo, luuuuv my pink cell phone and keys!

Grandma, brothers, Ella and her beautiful quilt

I loooove frosting!!

Yep, Mom gets to wash me off (lucky her ;)