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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Perfect Song

I know that I have not posted since the very first post on this blog, but I heard it today. I was watching Jay Leno and his musical guest was "the Plain White T's" and they did it. They have written the perfect song. You know the song that makes you tear up just hearing it. The one you only wich you would have been able to write for your wife (or husband for all the wifes reading this). Here is a youtube video with lyrics. You have got to listen to it.

Stephanie. This is my perfect song for you. I wish I would have written it, but since someone else did then maybe tonight we can sit on the couch, listen to it together and pretend it's me singing it to you.

I love you!!! MMMMMMMMMMuahhhhh

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Saturday Escape

For some ugly reason Blogger and I don't have an understanding... I have been running into picture moving problems nearly every time that I have posted. I was able to move one...and then the rest refuse to move. So, as in many of my recent posts...these pictures should have been at the end. *sigh*
Greyson, Cooper, me and Ella outside of Pops after the boys had raced
Phillip and Grey (notice Grey's dinner made a home on his face)
Cooper proudly showing us his beautifully colored menu
Ella enjoying the diner and her set of yogurt bites...yum-yum!
Greyson studiously coloring his menu...isn't he focused :)
The kiddos in front of a window that displays rows and rows of pop. They all have a funny expression on their face (as their mother, I find it humorous)
With the weather being infiltrated with hurricane rain it has been quite dreary around here. Saturday we were looking for a little bit of an escape. So, on the word of a couple of

friends we decided to take a little trip to Arcadia, Ok. There is a gas station that has been rejuvenated into something very modern and very fun. On Route 66 you can find a bigger-than-life pop bottle (straw included) and more kinds of pop than you could even imagine. That is the place that we came to see. When I told Cooper before we left that we were going somewhere fun, he tried to guess. Naturally, he didn't come even close. So, he asked for a hint and I said, "a gas station!". He was aghast and said that I was not telling the truth. I giggled and said that I was very serious...and it was going to be a lot of fun. Both of the boys were not optimistic about the whole deal. When they got there they definitely sang a different tune. It was so much fun and something you would never expect to run into right off of the interstate. On one side there is a diner, that we decided to eat at, and on the other side are rows and rows of pop. We each chose a pop to try and a couple extras. There was an area outside in the back where you can stretch your legs and even eat if the weather permits. The boys decided that they needed to race the stretch of grass. I was a little worried that Cooper would slip and fall because he was only wearing flip-flops and the grass was wet from the rain. But, he was determined that he was going to race...and win. It was hilarious watching him try to run. When he finally got back to us he was still wearing his sandal...sideways. I guess you gotta give him an "A" for his gumption.
After we ate we decided that it was time to go. It was a fun little getaway, and for me, it was fun to imagine what the gas station was before it was "Pops" back when Route 66 was in it's glory days.
Oh, I have to mention that we ran into Coty and her cutie, little family. It was on her word and another friend's recommendation, so it was fun to see them. Thanks Coty and Melissa for the idea!!

The boys racing outside

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thank You, Gustav!

It is an unlikely title, considering that Gustav was a hurricane and many people don't like storms, but for him, I am extremely thankful. He brought my sister and her little boys to Oklahoma. It was an extremely unexpected visit, even the day before she came I called my sister to see if there was a chance she was coming and she said it was unlikely. Then, lo and behold Gustav plays a little game of Chicken. He went east, then west and the forecasters were having a to play a little bit of a guessing game as to where exactly Gustav would hit the hardest (for that little game, I too am very grateful). Because of the little bit of uncertainty, and the Coast Guard wanting their families to be safe, they sent orders out for families where my sister lives to evacuate. So, up to Oklahoma my sis trekked (bravely, I might add) with her little munchkin boys. It was such a surprise to see them. It was a stolen week, if you will. I was able to introduce her boys to the Omniplex-every time I've been there I've thought of them and how they would love it. It was so fun. We were able to do a little bit of shopping at Target (my fav) down in the City and just enjoy each other's company. I miss her dearly and am trying to figure out how to really live today without her company. I guess, when you miss someone that much it just makes it that much better when you see them.
I have been kicking myself for not taking pictures when she was here. There were so many opportunities, I just didn't have my camera (kick, kick). So, to appease my conscience I have added a couple of pictures of my sweet little nephews from Grey's birthday last June. I love you, Lib, and your sweet little boys. Thank you for braving a 14+ hour trip to visit...and escape Gustav. Josiah, Greyson (who is eating some incredibly orange frosting), and CooperLib (who is washing off Gavin's hand), Ezra, my mom-in-law Wendy, Greyson, Cooper, Phillip and Josiah