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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thank You

I wanted to post a public "thank you". I was having a particularly difficult day yesterday and in a fit of frustration I wrote a blog post. I raised some questions that were mostly of a gospel nature. I re-thought about posting the post because I recognized that my questions, although valid, were mostly driven out of frustration and if I went to the scriptures and loved ones I could find answers, or at least feel that things would be alright. During the small time the post was up I had some people comment, through one way or another, to the post. They have helped me feel validated, loved and truly answered some of my questions in ways I hadn't even thought about. Over the last 24 hours I can truly say that I know that my Heavenly Father is aware of me and is watching over me. He has sent his love through special angels on earth to help comfort me and direct me. Thank you to those who have felt compelled to share their love or answer my questions. I can only hope that I can return the favor to someone who is struggling and be our Father's messenger.


Jill said...

I'm glad you are feeling comforted. That's wonderful. You are an amazing person, Stephanie. I am glad that you shared your struggles, because we all struggle. You are not alone. :)

whitney said...

Like Jill said, you're never alone, sweetie. Maybe those people saw it in the (very few) minutes it was up b/c the Lord knew you needed their particular answers. (((hugs)))

holyoak said...

There is no doubt those that saw your post were on right then for a very specific reason. It is as Elder Talmage said, "The Lord's hand is in our lives; if we will but feel for it in the darkness, we can grasp it and be lifted thereby." ~James E. Talmage October 1914

We love you my dear!