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Thursday, June 9, 2011


So. Today is my little man's seventh birthday. It seems odd that they keep on growing... I know that it shouldn't, and I suppose logically it doesn't. But, then sometimes I catch a glimpse of them, a moment in time, and it surprises me. I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Grey and I was so excited. I remember the first time I felt his tiny little body move inside of me. It was December 24th. Such a great present for an expectant momma. I remember the weeks leading up to his birth and then when he finally came and joined our family. I remember holding him for the first time and looking, inspecting really, all of his little teeny-tiny baby parts and being in awe that this new little person just entered the world. I remember feeling so excited to get to know this sweet little baby and what personality he would have. I remember wanting to know if he was laid back or a boisterous boy, what his favorite color is or what color of eyes he would have. I remember all of this so clearly, like it was yesterday. But it's not, it was seven years ago. Like I said...surprising. I guess the really fun thing about it is, is that I know all those things now. And, that's fantastic.
I know that Greyson loves, loves, loves orange. I mean everything orange. If he can eat, drink, wear, sleep on, hold, own, look at... you name it, he'll choose orange. He has some of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. They are the color of his auburn hair. Who knew that people's eyes could match their hair so perfectly when their hair is such a unique color? I know that Greyson is such a boisterous boy, but he also has a calm side when he's really working at something. He loves to organize and arrange things. This can be helpful... and not so much sometimes. But, as a mom I just realize that's one of the things that are uniquely Greyson. He is an excellant reader and student. He doesn't boast or brag about it. You probably wouldn't even know that he was, unless you were told or heard him read. He tries hard and generally excels at what he puts effort into. I love how Greyson is such a sweet, cuddly boy when he wants to. He still lets his mom give him hugs, and really appreciates them, in front of his friends. He is so kind to his little sister, Ella. He still talks to her in a sing-song voice. It isn't baby talk, he just is trying to be extra gentle with her. It makes my heart grow every time I see or hear him be kind to her. I love how Greyson is so passionate. If he gets something in his head, he is an all or nothing guy. I hope that he can strive for the right and be passionate for righteousness. Greyson is a die-hard Oklahoma State fan. His daddy loves it and couldn 't be prouder. He has the funniest sense of humor. He can make our family's frowns turn right side up. He is such a silly boy and loves, loves to have fun.
I am so grateful that Heavenly Father saw fit to send Greyson to me. My world would be so different without him. I love you, my birthday boy.


Jules said...

Happy Birthday Greyson! What a cute boy. He really has grown up. It's sad and happy all at once.

Jill said...

Orange is MY favorite color, too! It looks like he had a great birthday. I know what you mean about them growing up too fast - Keith just turned 7 years old in May...amazing. :) Happy Birthday Greyson!

Anna Min said...

What sweet memories to share with all the rest of us...:) Happy birthday, Greyson!

Alabama Apples said...

Happy Birthday, Grey-Grey!! We love, love, love you. I can't wait until we get to see you next month. :)

You caught the real Grey in this post, Steph. Fabulous. I love him so much. His bigger than life passion about things, his momentum that keeps him moving. I love that he lets me cuddle with him, too. I love his orange-ness and how he and Josiah are such a gang together...ok, maybe not ALL of their gangness, but I love how they want to talk to each other on the phone. Give him some extra birthday loves from Auntie Lib

Mom of 12 said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! Hoe it was a good one.

Phillip said...

Stephanie, Thank you for the wonderful job that you do documenting the important days, experiences, and general going ons of our family. Reading your descriptions and observations warms my heart while at the same time tickles my mind. I love you for all the little things you do, not to mention all of the big things.

Greyson, Happy birthday to my friend. I am so grateful for you and your enthusiasm. It is a pleasure to have you as my son. Here is to a great year.

holyoak said...

It was great fun talking with Greyson over the phone on his birthday. He sure has developed a fun vocabulary. The more he reads, the larger it will grow.
I enjoyed what you wrote about our little GRH. With love, GRH