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Saturday, April 2, 2011

If your local hangout isn't Facebook...

Normally, I'm a girl who isn't afraid of commitment. I never was one to shy away from a situation where there would be responsibility...and yet, I'm falling prey to a non-committal relationship. It's called Facebook. I can log on at my leisure, stay as long as I'd like, make a comment or status update if I please...or not and get off. Now, my blog on the other hand is a serious committed relationship. It takes time, energy and yes commitment. I need to update the backgrounds, (errr. whit does...but I sooo make the suggestion--does that count??) think up blog-worthy stories, come up with witty titles and if needs be, upload pictures and such. I decided since my husband is out tonight, I would make a date with my blog and give it some of the TLC is desperately needs. I've been hanging out at the other place and uploading pictures there...and if you aren't a frequent visitor there, I thought I'd put them on here.
We decided to visit the much-anticipated Lake Michigan. We'd decided that we would take a trip out there for FHE; Just so you know it's not such an awesome idea. This was a couple of weeks ago and it was only colder than it is now--and darker earlier. We weren't smart enough to have a little forethought. No, for a moment in time we must have thought we were still in Amarillo and it's eighty degrees (that's my only excuse I can think if, because we couldn't be that mind-missing). Anyway, we trekked out there and was slapped with the colder temps and frigid humid air of Lake Michigan. Cooper insisted that he was "fine!" and didn't need his coat and settled with a jacket. You can tell in the pictures how that worked out for him. Albeit the lake was cold and freezing and gray and damp and did I mention cold?? we still had fun. We are seriously looking forward to warmer weather and the chance to take a swim in the lake.Sooo, blogger is underlining everything I write....alrighty. I didn't flip this pic..whoops. Here are my cuties. I think they are pretty adorable.Me and my girlie.Cooper showing off the castle he built. He was very insistent that I include the bridge he built. Yea, it's right...there. I'm about as sure of where it is right now as you are...My sweet Grey-Grey. He is too cute for his own good.Ella is in love with her name written out and was ecstatic when she saw that we could write her name in the sand!! What a cutie-patootie she is.Handome little Coop. He is always so good to pose for a second, or lots of seconds in my case, for a picture.As Phillip captioned...another casualty of the Chicago mob.

So, onto other things... We were able to celebrate Spring Break over the last week. We tried to do some fun things around the area to keep us entertained. We started with quite a bang. We went to the Science and Industry Museum of Chicago. I believe it's the largest Science museum in the western hemisphere. You can only imagine the whines of tired feet from me...errr, my kids. Seriously, it was amazing. It was so, so huge you could never see it all properly in one day. We decided to get season passes, so we look forward to visiting again. In one of the areas there is a large submarine display. Here are the kids showing off the bunks. True to form, they are showing off their personalities to a "t".Seriosuly one of my all-time favorite pictures of Greyson. He is such a riot. The museum has a circus display and Grey is showing off his crazy clown face?? Who knows...he is such a silly boy.Phillip decided to join in on the action...At the U-boat display...They have this really fun display that has incubators that show off the cycle of an egg. Ella wanted to take a picture with the newborn chicks. So adorable!!
Here are the kids catching butterflies on a screen. The butterflies land on your shadow. It really was so much fun. I even had to take a try at it. Ella loved having them land on her and then she would jump and scare them away. Greyson, of course, is having them land on his behind.Afterward, we decided to try some authentic Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. It was like no other pizza I have ever had! It was seriosuly like a pizza upside-down. It was pretty good and so filling. If you ever come to visit, we'll have to take you!!
One last thing I promise!! I finally finished a project. It went from start to finish in one day. I know, I know I could hardly believe it myself!! I did a couple of wordles for the boys' room. My mom has a friend that did some for her home. I haven't seen them myself, but thought that they sounded adorable. I put my own spin on it, I think and I hope that they turned out okay. You can't see all the embelishments very well because of the glare...but you can get the idea.
Anyway, happy blogging everyone. I hope that spring is blooming in your neck of the woods, because that can only mean it will eventually be up here... Until next time! :)


Jill said...

Ooh! Love the new background, font, colors, etc! I spent my spring break sprucing up my blogs, as well! Very relaxing! Those pictures so so cute. I can't believe how big Ella is getting now. Amazing!

Alabama Apples said...

Oooh, what to say...I have so many thoughts! I LOVE the beach pictures. I miss the beach. It looks like you had a fabulous time despite the frigid-y temp. Greyson made me laugh in every picture. He is such a little stinker. I want to squeeze Coop and tell him how much i love him. Ell-bell is getting so big!! I know I'm going to be floored when I see your beasties and beastette. Hooray for me coming, at least! :) You are BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to see my sis, most of all. Yummo to the pizza. Mmmm, stringy cheese and bubbly sauce goodness. I'm glad Phil was able to go with you guys for some of your spring break jaunts. I bet that was fun for the kids. (and just think, it is now over...insert weary sigh from you and a cheer?) I LOVE the wordles! I will have to make some for my beasties' and em's room. Maybe I'll soak up a little of your creativeness when I'm out there. If only...Thank you for posting!! I loved it!!

whitney said...

argh! I just posted this huge, ginormous comment, only to have blogger eat it! Oh well, I'll have to come back and re-comment when I have a minute. :P

holyoak said...

I love the blogs = commitment. I almost "really dislike" (how's that for being PC) Face Book. I guess for the most part, I can’t figure out why some people post what they do! As if I care that they are thinking or doing XYZ. I have been tempted to drop out, but now with the new thing in my life, I guess I will stay on for the very reason I started, for the youth.
As for this blog and Liberty's and Whitney’s, I love that it is a real piece of you and your family. It is an example of your creativity, instead of a fast food-like news blip.
But I understand if your life is too hectic to keep up. I guess I would rather wait for more of the real you than get bits and pieces here and there.
I love you. The real you that spills out all over on this page.

sharon said...

I didn't realize ya'll moved. it looks like your having fun in your new surroundings. The pizza looks sooooo good. I've heard of up-side down pizzas but have never tried one.
Can't believe how big your kids are. Esp. Ella. my how time flies.

Gardners said...

Stephanie, Paiton's reading this with me and she says, "Sister Humphrey is so preeeeetty!" You really are! Tell Phillip that I love the picture of him as a clown - I really thought it was his body at first! :) Aren't wordles great? I have been using them for so many things - a couple are on my blog. Yes, your kids are so cute! And Ella is just becoming more beautiful all the time! Are you doing WW again because you look really good. Hope to see you soon!