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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time to Face the Music

***Disclaimer*** This is an "uber-post". I am playing catch-up, so it's quite the long one. I'm not going to even try to cram the whole summer into this post...I think I'll start with the present and work backwards... Nonetheless, you have been warned. So, grab your favorite drink, relax and have a read. :)

After being terribly neglectful in my posting, I have decided to face the music and dive right in. To say this summer has been hectic and crazy is an understatement. Starting the beginning of July, I had family come to Oklahoma to help me de-junk and go through three (+) years of stuff. I can never tell them thank-you enough for that. It helped putting my things away sooo much nicer. Then it was packing time. As I went along, I realized that I was comparing my move to having a baby in a lot of ways. When I was knee-deep packing my kitchen at midnight and crying because I hated it so much, I had a thought. Packing is a lot like going through labor. You almost look past it because you are looking forward to the move (or the baby, in my comparison). You also don't ever remember how painful it really is until you are in the thick of it.
Making it to Amarillo was a feat in itself. We had to rent a trailer to haul the rest of our stuff that didn't fit in the largest truck...yep, we didn't fit. Such a nightmare. On the way we nearly ran out of gas because of the large stretch between OKC and Amarillo. We also had quite the car problem three miles from our home in a torrential rain and lightning storm at midnight. Oh! And the locks were crazy switched with our home and the one next door (fixed now) so we weren't sure if we were going to get in once we got here (we did). Just one thing after another... All in all we feel extremely blessed to have everything eventually work out.
Once we moved in, I have been feeling similar to the way I feel after I've had a baby. You are so excited to have this new, sweet life in your home but the upheaval is huge. Nothing is the same and you feel all out of whack...but you wouldn't have it any other way....because it's the way it's supposed to be. It just takes adjusting.

Our home

Yep, it's that flat here. Now before you start judging...the sky is enormous and so beautiful. You can see forever. It is truly amazing. A couple of shots from the inside. Don't judge my by the mess...I seriously just grabbed the camera and took a couple. It can give you a rough idea...
Anyway, we are settling in (a large thank-you to my sweet mother who followed us here and helped set up most of my home). The boys have started school after another bump in the road. They are loving it and I am loving the one-on-one time with my sweet Ella. It has been a fun couple of days knocking around the house and today I went to Phillip's office to help him decorate. Very fun.

First day of kindergarten for Grey and second grade for Cooper.

We recently visited Lubbock, TX for the first time. It was neat to be able to see a part of the country that we had never seen. We are part of the Lubbock Temple District, so we thought we would give it a look. It is beautiful. Cooper kept saying, "I wish I could go inside....". I re-explained to him that you can't go in until you are 12 and even then you have to be a good boy. He said he knew...but that didn't stop him from vocally wishing aloud...a lot and often. It actually does my heart good to hear him long to enter the sacred doors of the temple. Here are a few pictures of us on temple grounds.

We also had a good time just looking around and getting a feel for the area. It has been fun exploring new places and we look forward to getting to see more.

I also wanted to throw in a last picture of my little Ell-Bell. We sure love her and are joyfully watching her grow. It has been a treat. I realized I often post pictures of her look all mowgli and decided I would show her looking all dolled up.

Whew!! You made it!!! I am impressed. Thanks for sticking with me...I know it was long. You get a gold star (and if it is up to Greyson, he would put it right in the middle of your forehead). ;)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Attention, Attention

To all my loyal and not so loyal readers out there:
I have not abandoned my blog, I repeat, I have not abandoned my blog. I will be posting soon as there has been a huge upheaval in my life (moving to Amarillo). I promise to have an updated blog soon. After all, there is always more to post then there is time, right?? ;)