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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Say What?

Cooper: I want to be a scientist.
Me: Really? That's neat.
Cooper: Yea, so I can discover the mysteries of the Giant Squid.
Me: Wow! (suppressing giggles)


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

I had come up with a whole laundry list of reasons why I have been the self named Blogger Looser...the weather (what?! it totally affects me), my sis & fam visiting, visiting my Auntie in Nebraska, dirty house and car...just life. While all if these reasons are true, I must admit I have just been in a "funk". Once I wait too long to blog then it hangs on me and then I dread it. Crazy I know, but true. And, I must admit I get my quick fixes from FaceBook. I'm a bit addicted and it allows me to log on for a second (which is about all the time I have) connect with friends and then get off. Nice. Anyway, thank you for allowing me to have "confession" for my blogging neglect. Well, the sun is shining (hooray!!) my house and car are under control and I am ready to blog.
I have been a sewing fiend as of late. A lady in my sister's ward has a wonderful book of apron patterns that she let me and my sis borrow. We whipped out one for Whit, Lib (mostly, that's a story for
another day), and myself. I must say I was pretty proud of the results.
Easter happened also during my hiatus. My kids were able to wear their matching outfits, which is always a highlight for me. We had a wonderful time at my mom and dad's house. Whit and her family were able to celebrate with us. Ella really didn't understand the whole egg hunting thing...I am sure it will come by next year. Cooper was ready and willing to scoop up the "easy" eggs that Ella missed. Let's just say I was worried his basket was going to break under the weight of the eggs.

All the kids ready to egg hunt. We made them sit on the steps before we let them loose. Cooper thought we were just cruel. ;)

Ella has this adorable (at least to me) scrunchy face. I think it is hilarious...and I got it on camera! All the kids and their loot. Cooper couldn't contain all his eggs, Greyson couldn't resit making the plastic eggs his eyes and Ella is just all around confused. Ahhh, don't 'ya just love holidays?

After Easter Cooper, Ella, my mom and I were able to spend a short little time with my Aunt Tracy and her family. She was so gracious to let me bring a couple of my crazies. We came up to help, as much as we could, to decorate and organize their new home. Their home is beautiful and I loved spending time organizing and decorating it. But, the very best part was being able to be with her. She is one of my heroes and just being with her makes me want to be better. I love her and am inspired by her. She makes everything brighter, funnier and...just better by being around her. I am blessed to have her in my life.

When we returned we were greeted by my sweet sister Liberty and her family. What a joy!! It is so much fun being around her. I truly am blessed to have wonderful, fun, spirited, awesome women in my life. To say that I love having her family around is a true understatement. We were able to spend a week with her and her family. While they were here we were able to go to the Tulsa Zoo (a first for me and my family), visit Pops and have a fabulous Girl's Night (ahhhhh, shopping and dinner...who could ask for more?!!).

Here is Ella at Pops. It isn't that great of a picture, but I wanted to document her first (and hopefully only) black eye. She got it at my Aunt's when she fell on the tile floor. Poor baby.
Cutie-patootie Gavin at Pops. What a smile!

Here are our "monkeys". Naturally I cut Greyson's head out. Nice. Other than that they were all looking...a small miracle in itself. :)
Here are Lib's oldest boys and mine. (l-r) Gavin, Cooper, Greyson and Josiah

Some of the boys on a statue of an elephant. It is Cooper's favorite animal so we made sure to take a few pictures with him with them. (if you know me much i turn into a picture taking freak at the zoo...i don't know what it is, but it's like i'm a bit possessed ;)

Some of the kids on the penguin wall. The Applegates go geocaching and they took a picture at the zoo w/ the penguins for their travel bug. Such a fun family!

The week after Lib left Cooper had the opportunity to go back to the Tulsa Zoo with the first graders at his school. It was such a treat for him! He loved it. Phillip was able to go with him and they had a blast. They were able to split off and visit the zoo at their own pace. Phillip was great with him and took as long...or as little time as Cooper wanted. It was a great chance for them to spend some one-one-one time together.Phillip let Coop ride the carousel. So fun!

Another big accomplishment that occurred was Spencer's graduation from Oklahoma State University with his Master's. We couldn't be prouder of him. I was able to attend (thanks to my fab hubby who watched all of my kiddos and Whit's two oldest). He's a superstar. Spencer is such an awesome father, husband and brother-in-law. We are grateful he is on our family. Spencer got a job in Kansas City and will be moving in June. They are lucky to be having Whit and her family up there. Truly they will be a blessing where ever they go and Spencer will be successful anywhere he is.

Spencer walking down the ramp.

Whitty, Spence and me after graduation.

I'm looking forward to the next OSU grad in the fam....ahhh, that will be a glorious day!

Thank you for sticking with me this far. You are a trooper!! Give yourself a gold star (if you're Grey it will go right up on your forehead ;).