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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hair Don'ts and My Little Brainiacs

As the last few months have unfolded I have begun to notice a very distinct trend. At first, I thought it was a fluke, then maybe a couple of accidents...but much to my dismay...it is a definite trend. Ella has been delightfully rubbing, smearing, and slathering (i could go on) many products into her hair. I really should blame myself because from a very early age I have put gel, etc into her hair. I guess I have been preening this "catastrophe". But...I don't (not really). I thought that she would "get" that only mommies, aunties and MiMi's do Ella's hair...*sigh*...nope, that's not the case in her book. Ella has decided that Eucerin (a very heavy lotion) and all other types of lotion...good smelly (she isn't picky) belongs in hair, gobs and gobs of her very own hair cream goes in there too, not to mention toilet bowl cleaner mixed with a good helping of toilet water belongs up there too. The other day Whitney (my sis) found our two daughters slathering themselves in toilet water and toilet paper combo...Georgia (my niece) decided to bathe, brush her teeth and drink it (I'm sure Ella took part in that, too) but mostly Ella wanted to do her hair with the soppy combo. To say I am tired of this filthy and annoying habit is an understatement...but then I stop and think for a second and realize my daughter is just emulating what she sees. She sees my family trying to care for ourselves. We take pride in how we look and present ourselves and why wouldn't my daughter (who has caught on very quickly on the whole dressing and getting ready thing) not want to do the same? I have to say I'm not a huge fan of trying to get greasy Eucerin out of her hair, but then again I'm raising a daughter that cares how she looks and I guess I can take some pride in that. Ella wearing her hair smeared. She usually styles it the same way...slathered form back to front. Very cute (insert eyeroll). ;) Note she didn't leave out her eyebrows, either.
On an entirely different note, I wanted to mention that we were able to go see Monsters vs. Aliens. (Cooper calls it Monsters vee ess Aliens...comical) It was a cute movie. They did show a animated hinney. I really could have done without that. But, other than that it was worth it. The best part, I thought, was the 3D. Very fun. They don't give you the red and blue cardboard glasses, but real Elvis Costello glasses. The kids looked hilarious in them. They looked like little genius Elvis Costello's. I haven't been to a 3D movie since I was little and it was quite amazing. One of the highlights of the movie, for me, was watching Grey "karate chop" the aliens while the monsters were doing it on the movie. I looked over to see my son swooping and hi-ya-ing the screen. Loved it. Greyson also said "these glasses make it real!". Not only did we have a fun time, but we get to have Elvis Costello glasses in our dress-up box. Very cool.
My little brainiacs looking very "book smart". I guess the most ironic part is that they got the glasses to watch a movie...not for reading or anything that helps grow their mind.